Written by on 2.09.15

Call our neighborhood “yuppie artists’ central.” Call our area a progressive urban renewal development. You can even call us NoLibs. Yet the one thing you should never call us is boring.

Northern Liberties is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia located on the edge of the Delaware River. When the New York jetsetters don’t want to fly out to other hip locales on the West Coast, they head down to this hip urban locale that has the best of everything in one convenient location. Wine and dine yourself into the early hours of the morning, rock out to the best musical artists in the nation, or enjoy the vibrant beauty of the greenspaces that North Liberties provides to residents and visitors.

Want to know what we have to offer? Check out these 5 things to do in Northern Liberties as you will be proud to call yourself a NoLib.

Check Out The Pizzazz At The Piazza

The first stop for any newcomer looking for something to do is the Piazza at Schmidts. No, you didn’t suddenly time travel to Rome. While the Piazza has a Roman architectural atmosphere with its open space, you’ll definitely feel the Philadelphia “brotherly love” vibe with the welcoming shops, restaurants and artists’ studios beckoning to enjoy everything that is available. The Piazza hosts activities and events throughout the year such as concerts, free festivals and dance performances. You’ll also never miss out on watching a sporting event with the 400+ square foot high definition LED screen that shows live sports broadcasts.

Get Your Groove On At Silk City

Finding the best party in town is as simple as waiting for night to fall and looking for the neon lights brightening the streets. Silk City is the top night spot in Philadelphia, and if anybody argues with that then they don’t belong in NoLibs. Silk City is everything rolled up into one happening spot: nightclub, diner, bar, restaurant, and beer garden. Frenetic dancing and hip dining can keep you entertained throughout the night.

Liberty Lands Park A Bit Of Greenery In The Cement Jungle

Getting social with your friends and neighbors has to be done at the Liberty Lands Park. It is a two-acre greenspace that has a community garden, playground and flea markets. Relax on the grass listening to the tunes of local musicians during festivals, catch an entertaining film, or check out the artistic wares from talented artists. When you are looking for something to do on those lazy afternoons, even if it is just going on a picnic with the family, Liberty Lands Park is the perfect place to enjoy a bit of nature close to home.

Take A Trip Back In Writing History At The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

The Raven, The Tale-Tell Heart and The Fall of the House of Usher are just some of the some acclaimed stories written by American poet and author Edgar Allan Poe. Learn more about his intriguing life by visiting the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. This 1843 three-story home is one of the last residences still standing in Philadelphia where Poe penned his great works. Learn about this poet and author, look at the exhibits and visit the theater where you can watch informative films.

Go On A Walk While You Shop At Liberties Walk

Four blocks of shopping heaven can be found along the Liberties Walk. Niche stores are located everywhere, as you can find those little must-haves to take home with you. The Liberties Walk is so much more than an outdoor mall. It is a mixed-use shopping experience with bike riders, dog walkers, and diners enjoying the open atmosphere and relaxing environment without feeling boxed in or overwhelmed by rushing shoppers. So take a stroll, enjoy great foods, and support the local businesses along this fun route.