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Just ten? There are a million! But here are certainly ten standout reasons to live in NYC.

1. The people.

Most everyone wants to come see NYC, and many people would do almost anything to live here. So, in New York City, you’ll meet people from everywhere.

Indeed, most people who live here are not native New Yorkers. And more than a third come from other nations. The people of New York are here on purpose — with their ambitions, hopes and dreams.

2. The community.

New Yorkers refuse to consider anyone a stranger. New Yorkers can relate to you. They can talk to you as though they’d known you all their lives. On the other hand, if you happen to be a celebrity, New Yorkers won’t stare at you. People acknowledge the importance of personal space. They know it’s precious to everyone — public figures included.

3. The verve.

To paraphrase an old song, there’s no snooze button on New York City. Who can feel bored when wrapped in New York City’s energy? The intrigues and activities are infinite, and no matter how long you live here, there will be plenty to explore.

4. The art.

So diverse! So much of it free to those who delight in it! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is just a starting point — and that’s the largest art museum of the United States. Visitors to New York must pay $25 to get it. But the doors open at no charge to New Yorkers.

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5. Top talent.

Dinner and a show? Always fabulous. Some of the most inspired culinary arts, music, and drama is here, created by people who come from all over to hone their skills. There’s Broadway. There are amazing fringe performances. And name a band or musical artist — they will eventually perform here.

6. Sensible transit.

The subway and bus system, coupled with the street grid plan of NYC, allow you to orient yourself easily and keep on moving! No car? Walk or hop on a bike for the day. Partying? Take city transit in and around or out of the city.

7. Contrasts.

New York is a blend of fast-paced business and quaint neighborhoods with wrought-iron railings and old-world elegance. Its sleek high-rises overlook avenues of traditional brownstones. And it the middle of everything, Central Park.

8. Food you crave.

Whatever you fancy, no matter how early or late, you need not venture far. Forget the fast-food chains; you won’t need them. There are so many restaurants and pubs to try — or find locally prepared foods in the grocery store, for a new and healthful lunch on the go every day.

9. The skyline.

It’s always phenomenal. It always reminds you why you couldn’t wait to come to New York City. Experience the Roosevelt Island tram. It links Midtown Manhattan with Roosevelt Island, and offers a stunning Manhattan vista.

10. The quiet.

Take the Upper East Side, Manhattan’s quietest neighborhood with only .00359 noise complaints per person. If you want a peaceful lifestyle in the heart of the city, you can find it!

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