Property Management Services

Carlyle Property Management can provide an extensive array of services to property owners. We have the experience and flexibility to customize a management structure for residential properties, including commercial spaces, from small buildings to large apartment complexes. Our services include:

The renting and marketing of all vacant units and retail spaces within the property.

This includes tenant screening, application processing, the preparation of leases and renewals, the overseeing of all move-ins and move-outs, building and unit inspections and all necessary building and maintenance services. The collection and processing of all rent and security deposit payments. The pursuit of all delinquent accounts through the legal and collection process.

The supervision and management of all building staff.

Negotiations, preparation and processing of all contracts with suppliers, contractors and vendors for the servicing and maintenance of the building including all necessary repairs and replacements. Overseeing and processing of all DHCR and rent stabilization procedures. On-site rental agents for large apartment complexes. Obtaining and maintaining all necessary building and operating permits.

Full office support including Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Payroll Administration, General Office Accounting, Maintenance, Leasing and Legal.

Carlyle Property Management has a proven track record in providing each and every aspect of building management in a timely and cost efficient process including capital management such a Local Law 11, elevator modernization, apartment upgrades, etc.