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Did you know that the average size of a studio apartment in New York City if 550 square feet? Usually, the price of your apartment will vary based on square footage. Knowing that, how can you utilize every inch of your NYC apartment–big or small?

1. Become a Minimalist

This might seem like it goes without saying, but the less clutter you have around your apartment, the bigger it will look and feel. Living in NYC can turn you into a regular consumer and, without even realizing it, your belongings can begin to pile up. So whether it’s clothings, knick-knacks, or furniture, keep it as minimal as possible to keep space available for what your apartment is meant for–living.

Tip: Start with your kitchen cabinets. Do you need 22 mugs if you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment?

2. Donate the Old

If you are looking to declutter, start by going through your items drawer by drawer. If there are old items that you don’t ever use or haven’t worn in over a year, put it in your donate pile. If there is something you know should be replaced, replace it. Getting rid of these things can help you feel clutter-free.

Tip: If it doesn’t bring you joy, you don’t need it. But someone else might!

3. Make Storage your Friend

When you invest in organizational systems that fit your apartment and life-style, it can make a world of a difference. You can turn a small front-closet with one hanging bar into a hidden storage area with something as simple as a shoe organizer.

Tip: Stackable containers should be your friend. They can be used in the top of a closet from shelf to ceiling in replacement of an extra dresser for clothes.

4. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Furniture is the backbone of your living areas and can make or break how much space you have. Make sure to buy furniture that properly fits your apartment. Swap your old sectional for a loveseat that easily fits inside of your 400 square foot studio apartment.

Tip: Furniture with built-in storage can limit the need for more storage cabinets. Try finding a bed-frame with under-bed storage or a coffee table that doubles as blanket storage.



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