Written by on 24.01.23

No matter how trendy your New York apartment is, you may want to add your own unique look to the space.
If you’re short on money but super creative, consider tackling one of these trendy DIY projects that are perfect for apartment dwellers.

1. Seats creation

One of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome in an apartment is the lack of space. The crate chair is an easy DIY project that makes the most of your space, giving you storage space as well as seating. To make these chairs, buy sturdy plastic crates in trendy colors. Next, buy some plywood and cut it so that it covers the top of the crate. Cut the mattress foam to cover the top of the plywood and pin it in place with a staple gun.
Then, buy trendy and suitable fabric for the upholstery. Pull the fabric tightly over the sponge, fold it and glue it to the underside of the plywood with hot glue. That’s your cushion. Place the cushion on top of the crate for a comfortable seat and remove it for storage use.


2. Personal towels

Grab some pretty towels and turn them into a trendy accessory for your bathroom with the help of an eraser. Using a line stencil or your own freehand skill, draw a trendy pattern on the towel with an eraser. After the bleach dries, you’ll have personalized towels for your bathroom. You can do the same project to create table runners and tablecloths for your kitchen and dining room.


3. Gutter gallery wall

The gallery walls are trendy and provide a great option to show off your photography skills. However, when you are renting, the thought of all those holes in the wall can make you dislike the look of a gallery wall. Gutters can help.
Get sturdy white gutters. Then, attach them to the wall, placing three of them about 14 inches or more apart. Once mounted, place your favorite photos on it and easily swap photos whenever you want, with fewer holes in the wall.


4. Sunburst Light

This sunburst light is easy to create and looks stunning at the entrance to your apartment or hallway. Buy a starburst-style mirror with a circular center. Then buy a recessed light that is the same diameter as the mirror. It can take some time to find the right combination of mirror and light, but do your research and you might find it.
Remove the mirror from the mirror to use the gold star pattern. Next, turn off your electricity and remove your existing lighting fixtures. Attach the mirror frame to the ceiling with screws. Then add light to the center of the design, turn on the power and enjoy your new light.


5. DIY starburst mirror

Maybe you like the look of sunlight. Add to this look by making a DIY Starburst mirror. Take a bundle of contractor’s shims and a 12-inch-diameter cut piece of wood. Then buy an unfinished 14-inch round mirror. Split the wedges in half, keeping in mind that the slots are not necessarily halves. Make sure you don’t have any burst edges. Paint the contractor’s wedge with the look and feel of your choice, choosing a metallic finish color.
Attach the wooden circle to the back of the mirror. There will be a little overlap of the mirror on the wood. Use wood glue to glue the painted shims to the back of the mirror on this overlap, spreading them out in a star shape. Line two to three pieces around the mirror until you love the look. Then add hanging hardware and hang your new project on the wall.

Even if you are a tenant, you can still have a trendy home. Tackle one, two, or even all of these projects and enjoy the look they give your space.