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New York is known for its green parks, but you can also create a park-like atmosphere in your own New York City apartment. It’s the perfect place to grow your own small indoor garden so you can enjoy the benefits of nature without even going outside. Carlyle Property Management apartments are conveniently located next to subways, which means you can travel easily to the local garden store to purchase plants and garden supplies. Here are five ways to bring nature inside and create your own personal garden at home.

1. Air Plant Arrangement

Air plants grow without soil, making them clean and easy plants to grow in a small apartment. Buy a few air plants at a garden store and place them in small containers. You can use anything from pretty leftover jelly jars to blown glass orbs (which are also available at trendy garden stores). Once the air plants are arranged in whichever containers you’ve chosen, simply spritz them every few days with water. The plants will absorb the water through their leaves, creating a lovely plant arrangement with no messy soil.

2. Vertical Wall Garden

Another way to create an indoor garden that is easy to keep clean is to hang a vertical wall garden in your apartment. These can be purchased at your local garden store and consist of various petite plants growing in soil attached to a board. Simply hang the board on your wall, and spritz the plants regularly with water.

3. Herb Garden

Another plant arrangement you can purchase at a garden store is an herb garden. Many stores sell fully arranged herb gardens that you can place near a sunny window in your apartment. Simply water regularly and enjoy fresh herbs whenever you want.

4. Window Box

There’s nothing more charming than a window box containing pretty flowers and herbs. At a garden store, you can purchase flower trays that hang from a window for the inside or outside of your apartment. Simply fill the tray with pots, soil and your desired plants. Water regularly and enjoy.

5. Terrarium

Terrariums are elegant glass boxes containing a beautiful array of small plants, sometimes in intricate designs. You can purchase pre-made terrariums or arrange your own with plants and a glass container purchased at your local garden store. A terrarium makes a beautiful, green conversation piece on a coffee table or console in your apartment.

No matter which indoor garden option you choose for your Carlyle Property Management luxury apartment, having green plants around will lift your mood, clean the air and create a refreshing atmosphere year-round.

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