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When summer arrives in New York, many residents make plans to go out east on Long Island. That’s where you’ll find the Hamptons, a well-known vacation spot many people visit every year. If you’re not familiar with this vacation destination yet, you should first know that the main parts of the Hamptons are Southampton and East Hampton, each of which includes a few villages and hamlets. One of the hamlets in East Hampton is called Montauk, which has been gaining popularity as a quieter alternative to the rest of the Hampton.
So which one is right for you? Here’s what to consider before you leave your New York apartment to head east on summer vacation.

The Hamptons

Different parts of the Hamptons have their own unique offerings. For example, East Hampton is known for its great nightlife, with lots of dance clubs and bars to hang out at while you’re on vacation. There are also several restaurants, stores, and beaches to visit by day.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for luxury homes, upscale shops, and a lot of celebrity sightings, Southampton may have what you need. This is because it’s mostly known for its famous residents living in the impressive homes here. You can get a taste of this lifestyle by renting one of the beautiful homes on the beach here, assuming you save up first!

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Being part of East Hampton, Montauk also has some good nightlife, with more than 100 restaurants and bars. At the same time, Montauk was once considered one of the quieter, more peaceful parts of the Hamptons, but that is slowly changing. Not only does it have the coastline, where visitors can relax, but it also has ponds, bays, and a harbor, which may be why it’s considered a great fishing destination.

So whether you’re ready to party or looking to relax, now you know where to head when you’re planning on going east for the summer. And if you’re not yet a New Yorker and want to become one so you can start enjoying your summers or weekends in these hot spots, check out these NYC rentals today!

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