Written by on 12.06.23

When it comes to moving apartments in New York City, setting up utilities is a crucial step. Here’s a handy guide to seamlessly transition your utilities while navigating the NYC-specific processes.

Know Your Provider

Con Edison, famously mentioned by Bob Dylan in his song “Joey,” still dominates the utilities industry in New York. To understand the services provided for electricity and gas, visit ConEd.com. Explore the “Services and Outages” section on the top tabs to create a new account or transfer an existing one.

Account Ownership

While all residents must be named on the lease, only one name should be associated with the utility account. If your roommate is moving out and you need to change the name on your Con Edison account, you’ll need to start a new service. Con Edison requires the current account holder or the management company to stop service before transferring the account to you.

Smooth Transition

Given the high demand for electric and gas services in Manhattan, it’s crucial to initiate the process as soon as you sign your lease agreement. Inform your current utility company of the date and time you want your current account to be shut off. If you’re moving within NYC, Con Edison will facilitate a seamless transition. However, if the previous residents didn’t cancel their account, you may need to provide a copy of your lease to Con Edison as proof of being the new occupant. Have your lease ready to scan and email if necessary.

Important Reminders

Ensure you call in advance to set up your utility services. It’s essential to have gas and electricity ready when you move into your new apartment. Avoid renting apartments without heat included unless you have a clear understanding of the potential winter bills. Electric baseboard heating, particularly in ground floor units without heat rising from lower floors, can lead to substantially higher bills—$150 to even $700 more than the lease price.

Carlyle Can Assist You

At Carlyle Property Management, our dedicated staff is experienced in working with local utility representatives, making your move into our properties as seamless as possible. We provide efficient and well-maintained radiators to keep you cozy throughout the winter. Let our professionals handle the logistics so you can settle into your new home without worrying about being present for the electric company. Explore our diverse range of NYC apartment floor plans, and contact us at 212.682.7300 to learn more about currently available homes.