Feeling Restless? Take a Stroll Through These Scenic NYC Neighborhoods

Written by on 15.03.21

How often do you take time to stroll around the NYC neighborhoods? Did you know that 11 minutes of regular walking exercise can enhance cardiovascular fitness and endurance? Evening walks can significantly improve your sleep and enlighten the mood on bad days. You also get the opportunity to explore and discover local treasures like new coffee shops and bars.

Now that you are already accustomed to staying indoors during the pandemic, you may wonder how to go about your first evening strolls. Most NYC scenic routes and attractions are slowly reopening for business. Whether uptown or downtown, here are some of the scenic NYC parks ideal for taking a walk.

1.    Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge Park attracts tourists from all over the world, thanks to all the fun activities you can do in the neighborhood. From beautiful Brooklyn walks to multiple food stores, evening strolls down this park allows your mind to wander and relieve stress. Moreover, there are lanes for walkers, runners, and cyclists. You can quickly make new friends.

Take on the Pier 1 route to enjoy the beautiful Manhattan skyline during the night. You can also stroll towards the East River and have an epic view of the flowing water. How about taking the Greenway Terrace to beat the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway traffic when coming from work?

Other places to stroll include the beach volleyball courts and Forninos’s Pizza for some snacks.  

2.    Chelsea High Line

If you want to immerse your thoughts in the tales of the West Side Cowboys, the Chelsea High Line is the best route to take for an evening stroll. Enjoy a scenic vantage view of the Hudson River from the High Line. You can also sample your best snacks at the Chelsea Market. This market is an international tourist destination, thanks to its rich flavors.  

As you wind up your stroll, marvel at Manhattan’s Frank Gehry. This building features one of the most iconic architectural designs, with a glittering glass curtain.

3.    Van Cortlandt Park

Are you from the Bronx? Why don’t you take an evening stroll down Van Cortlandt Park to experience one of NYC’s greenest boroughs? This neighborhood has serene walking routes that give you a scenic view of wildlife and nature. You can walk this place for miles without feeling exhausted. Taking time to appreciate nature can help relieve the day’s stress. 

4.    Hudson River Park

Walk all the way from 59th street to Battery Park and enjoy the scenic views of the Hudson River Park neighborhood. Take a look at the private lawns that depict jutting jetties of greenery. You can also take moments to stretch your legs at the lawn rails before proceeding with your walk. This neighborhood attracts many strollers, and you will likely make new friends in your first week. 

5.    Riverside Park

Lastly, you might consider a walk down the Riverside Park neighborhood. This NYC scenic route starts from the Upper West Side at the 72nd street and stretches all the way to Hamilton Heights at the 125th street. If you’re in for a long meditative walk, pass through Morningside Heights and enjoy the scenic view of the flowing Hudson river. 

Other beautiful spots at the Riverside Park neighborhood include:

  • Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Monument
  • Invisible Man Sculpture at the 150th street
  • The Freedom Tunnel

Take a Stroll

Now that the weather is starting to warm up and the city begins to make a comeback from the pandemic, it’s the perfect time for a walk. Plus, many benefits come with regular strolls down a scenic neighborhood. For instance, walking improves your breath by increasing the breathing rate. As oxygen circulates faster in the body, more wastes get eliminated. This leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. So return to your favorite neighborhood walking routes, or discover some new ones, and see where the day takes you! 


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