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Moving into a new home is an exciting time, whether it’s an apartment or a house. Everything from the blank canvas of the walls to the empty rooms with their endless possibilities, feels like it is ready for you to personalize and make the space truly your own. Yet sometimes, those projects and plans come to a screeching halt because you lack the DIY skills you need or come across a problem that you don’t know how to solve. Google can help, but sometimes you just want to talk to a person who knows what they are doing. The Fountain app allows you to connect with experts instantly using your smart phone, making it an app every homeowner or renter should have.

What Is Fountain?

Fountain is an app that connects you with a highly rated expert who can provide help for your home question. With one simple search, and even a spoken question, you will be put in contact with an expert who knows how to tackle the task you face. Either through a one-on-one video chat, a text answer or even photos with annotation, you will have nearly instant access to a real answer to your pressing question.

Fountain help is available in most major DIY areas, including:

  • Appliances
  • Electrical and Security
  • Flooring
  • Garden and Outdoors
  • HVAC
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Interior Design
  • Paint
  • Plumbing
  • Pools

Most major DIY projects will fall into one of these categories.

How Does Fountain Work?

Fountain is much more than a simple search tool. When you have a question, you enter it into the app, either by typing or speaking your question. The app sends the question to multiple experts in the field, who determine if they can answer it. One will respond, and you can video chat, text, send pictures back and forth or text until you solve your problem.

All experts who answer questions on Fountain are thoroughly trained in their respective fields. So rather than getting DIY help from a friend with as little experience as you have, you are getting it from someone who really knows what they are talking about. This saves time and frustration as you move forward with the project.

More Affordable DIY Help

Fountain offers you a more affordable option when you need help with your DIY project. Having a professional come to your home for a service call to get you past your problem could easily cost $100 or more. For just $7 per 15 minute help, you can connect with a professional on Fountain, work through your problem, and be on your way to finishing the job. Even if the job takes a full hour, you are still only spending a fraction of what your service call would cost. You can also work on your own schedule, because there is almost always an expert who is waiting to fulfill a job.

Owning and maintaining a home can feel like a major chore. Fountain makes it just a little easier, and without a big expense. Check it out today!

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