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Thrift shops. They’re just the best — for eco-friendly dressing, reasonable prices, and the thrill of the unique find.

Of all the U.S. cities for thrift shopping, New York City is unbeatable. With so many affluent and stylish residents here, you’ll find fabulous fashion at fantastic prices.

How to Snag the Best Finds

In Manhattan, plan to hit the shops mid-week. Shopping for anything in Manhattan is easiest during the week, and thrift shops are no exception to the rule.

Morning is the best time. Thrifting in NYC is super competitive! You’re not just up against other shoppers. You’re also competing with flippers — people who resell what they scoop up.

Take your time looking, and come back later if you see something you love but can’t quite afford at the moment. If that item stays there a while, you’ll likely be successful negotiating a discount.

Finding the Best-Stocked Thrift Shops

Now, without further ado, here’s where to find 5+ must-see shops in Manhattan. If you’ve just come to NYC and are keen to start thrifting, let this brief guide whet your appetite!

1. Michael’s, The Consignment Shop for Women

OK, not technically a thrift shop, but we have to talk about it. Michael’s is famous in the city, having been here since the 1950s. It’s filled with secondhand, brand-name apparel and accessories. If you love high fashion you’ll be here again and again. Find it at 1125 Madison Avenue.

Then, hit La Boutique Resale, which showcases high-end women’s apparel and accessories. With two locations, La Boutique is an Upper East Side mainstay in fancy resale fashion!

2. Beacon’s Closet

The trendiest folks in Midtown Manhattan didn’t get that way by accident. They’ve filled their wardrobe with vintage and contemporary secondhand finds from Beacon’s Closet.

Head to 10 West 13th Street for a superb array of upscale fashion and super-popular brands. Now’s the time to go for a great seasonal selection.

3. Angel Street Thrift Shop

OK, Murray Hill peeps, have you been over to the Angel Street Thrift Shop yet? Locals really, really love this place. It sells retro clothes and furniture, a lot of it with a 70s feel. Proceeds go to charities. It’s the real deal for thrifting. They even have household appliances, all at the thriftiest prices. They’ve moved, and are now at 48 West 22nd Street.

Bonus: From Angel Street, head south to 84 East 7th Street, and hit up AuH20 Thriftique if you really want bargain prices on vintage threads and accessories for women. This is where you’ll find racks of clothes for five and ten dollars.

4. L Train Vintage

Two levels of great finds with shirts around $5-10… What’s not to like? The L Train is jammed full of super-cool clothes, filling two floors at 204 First Avenue.

Look for the vintage Nike, Polo and Levi’s, and standout jeans and jackets that will soon be your go-to clothes.

5. Housing Works in the Upper East Side

Here’s where you’ll find the Prada, Armani, and Gucci in splendid abundance. Check out the jeans selection. Housing Works might be a little on the upscale end, price-wise, but you’re going to get great quality. Plenty of pieces have their original price tags.

Find branches at 1222 Second Avenue, 1730  Second Avenue, and 1200 Lexington Avenue.

A Place to Stash Those Vintage Nike Sneakers

Come home to your New York City apartment, and plan to keep exploring the endless shopping adventures that await you in Manhattan. Whether your pick is Murray Hill, the Upper East Side, or Midtown East, check out our current available floor plans. Just give Carlyle Property Management a ring at 212.682.7300.

PS: Did we mention Thrift Shop Row, along 23rd Street, between Second and Lexington? Thrift Shops galore!

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