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For professionals and young families, choosing a neighborhood in New York City tends to focus on safe areas, good schools, top-notch management, and a great overall experience of living in the city.

Standout Neighborhoods

Several neighborhoods stand out to us, and we hope you’ll agree. Central Park is so wonderful. To its east and southeast are some of the most sought-after neighborhoods, all with an appealing blend of high-rise modernity and cultural depth: the Upper East Side, Midtown East, and Murray Hill.

With the renowned stretch of museums on Fifth Avenue, bordering Central Park, you could live in New York City a lifetime and still have much to see, learn, and explore in our unmatched city.

This year, some additional factors are tossed into the mix for apartment shoppers. The city is in the midst of train line reconstruction, bike lane enhancements, and a number of other transportation upgrades.

On the plus side, the N, Q, and R trains from the Upper East Side and Midtown East to Roosevelt Island are not under construction. And they serve some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

If you plan to have a car, pick an apartment home that offers you parking. It’s notoriously difficult to park in NYC. Get yourself sorted at the outset, and daily living will be so much easier.

It is our pleasure to offer luxury apartment homes in the Upper East Side, Midtown East, and Murray Hill, all with your safety and security in mind, parking on site, and best-in-class amenities.

School Zones

If you’re moving to New York City with children, gain some familiarity with the school zones. For example, District 2 is a particular draw for parents, with some of the best schools in the city. On the East Side, it is south of 97th Street.

You can also explore school rankings for specific NYC areas—using realtors’ tools such as this map, for example, showing schools of the Upper East Side.

If you’re moving with children, it makes sense to understand NYC school zones as part of your moving preparation. Then, read reviews. Find out what parents think about other local schools.

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Brokerage Fees

New York City is quirky this way. Most of our city’s apartment rental transactions involve the agent of the property owner, and another representing the prospective resident. And it’s typically the resident who pays both!

In Manhattan and Brooklyn, brokers’ fees tend to be one-time outlays equal to one month’s rent, or 15% of the year’s rent. As a rule, don’t agree to pay higher than 15%. Fees must be paid before the lease is signed, so be sure you know what you want before you’re asked to pay the fee.

Brokerage fees are simply a fact in the very competitive NYC rental home market. That said, there are apartments available in NYC without a broker’s fee. A word of caution here: Some online advertisements for no-fee apartments can turn out to be false, with fees suddenly demanded once the apartment shopper decides to go ahead with the lease.

Partner with a property company whose ethics you’ll want to live with. Carlyle Property Management manages six outstanding, no-fee rental apartment buildings in New York City.

New York City Renting Rules

A New York City apartment home must provide you with certain basic necessities. Have a checklist as you tour properties. Be sure all the basics are, in fact, there.

Building managers need to ensure:

  • Heat
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Safety and security
  • Basic hygiene
  • Natural lighting and windows with safety guards
  • Painted or papered walls
  • Allergen-free and lead-free interiors
  • Fire safety, including an approved and operational carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector in each apartment. (It’s up to you to change the batteries as needed.)

A Well-Maintained New York City Apartment Home

Call your insurance agent and have renter’s insurance put into place. In New York City, if anything breaks or leaks and your things are damaged, the landlord, by law, doesn’t have to reimburse you.

This underscores the importance of having a top property management company—one that prizes outstanding maintenance. 

Installing an air conditioner, a dishwasher, and basic kitchen appliances plus a microwave is, no kidding, the resident’s job under NYC rules. A great rental community handles these basics for you anyway.

Also, it’s on you, under the legal minimums, to buy curtains or blinds. A great rental community, of course, handles these basics for you, too.

Well-managed rental communities also have front door security and safe places for mailings and packages.

Carlyle Property Management Welcomes You to New York

Love New York from your first day at home. We are delighted to offer elegant apartment living at several locations in New York City, including Midtown East, Murray Hill, and the Upper East Side.

All of our well-maintained apartment homes offer the features, conveniences, and amenities you expect.

Call us on 212.682.7300 to learn more and explore what’s available.

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