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When you’re used to larger residences in the suburbs, apartment life in New York City and Manhattan might feel a bit claustrophobic. But you’re prepared to give up part of that room because living in New York City offers so many advantages, right? You’ll be able to make the most of any room for all of your possessions by using these straightforward ideas!


A Wall Is A Friend – use them!

Apartment renters sometimes develop a fear of damaging the freshly painted walls for fear of losing their security deposits. Here’s a little-known fact. There are gouges, holes, and nicks created by former tenants hidden behind all that beautiful white paint. A little putty and some sanding are all that are needed to repair a wall. So, take use of the barriers.


Over the windows, doorways, closets, beds, and anywhere else there is wall space, floating or hanging shelves may contain a variety of things. Put your spices for the kitchen on a stylish hanging rack. Put a pegboard with hanging storage on the wall in the kitchen to house your cooking equipment and pots, and hang another board at the front entrance to store your purses, hats, and vehicle keys.


Doors serve as hidden storage

You can put things behind any door in your residence so you can utilize them every day. To keep toiletries arranged in bathrooms, canned goods stacked in cupboards, and shoes neatly spaced inside of closets, hang storage containers simply on the top of doors. These storage containers come in various sizes. Therefore, you may use your creativity to choose items that don’t take up a lot of area in tiny spaces or obstruct doorway mobility.


Furniture With Several Uses Is Essential

When you decide to live in an apartment, furniture such as sofa beds, changing tables that convert into cribs, bed frames with drawers, and bookcases that double as workstations have almost become necessities. Any piece of furniture that can serve several functions fits perfectly in your room since it reduces the quantity of additional furniture you require. So feel free to use the kitchen table as your office desk and the metal garbage cans as your file storage.


Being mistaken for a pack rat because of your apartment’s mess is one of the most frustrating aspects of apartment living. So their organizing advice is to live simply and throw all you own out the door. Unless you are a true hoarder who deserves their own reality television program, you already have everything you need in your apartment to make it function properly; all you need is a better system for storing your belongings so that you can get to them quickly. Use the advice in the recommendations below to create a tidy, well-organized flat.

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