Written by on 2.03.23


New York City is at the forefront of urban biking. Biking has become a popular mode of transportation around the city, including in Greenwich Village, Midtown, and the Upper East Side. If you are considering moving to any of these Manhattan neighborhoods, a bike tour is an excellent way to explore the area and see what’s available.


Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a unique urban village with a lot of charm and personality. Biking down Bleecker Street, you can explore the heart of this neighborhood and enjoy its rich architectural history. Several of the Village’s streets have dedicated bike lanes, so you can explore the quieter corners too. Plus, you’ll have convenient access to all the Village’s restaurants, bars, and parks. Bleecker also connects you with the Lafayette Bike Path to the east and the Hudson Bike Path to the west.



Midtown is home to some of the most iconic places in the city, such as Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square. Broadway is only a few blocks away, and the Broadway Bike Path lets you ride both north and south along this famous avenue. While cycling, you can also check out the East River Greenway, which heads south past the South Street Seaport to the Battery, or take the 1st Avenue Bike Path to the Upper East Side.


Upper East Side

If you’re looking for easy access to high-end shopping, restaurants, and museums, the Upper East Side may be the perfect neighborhood for you. A bike tour of the area highlights some of the best shopping in the country. Central Park’s vast network of bike paths is also just minutes away. Within the park’s 843 acres, you can ride past red-blazoned maple trees, golden-hued oaks and walnuts, and the deep greens of the park’s Scotch pines. Be sure to visit the park’s unique attractions, such as the Zoo and the Pond.


New York City offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration, and exploring on a bike is an excellent way to see everything. A bike tour of Greenwich Village, Midtown, or the Upper East Side can give you a better sense of which neighborhood is right for you.