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NYC residents are great at cutting costs. Plus, energy savings are good for the environment. Those are the main reasons New Yorkers are pros at saving energy yet staying warm all winter.

Here are a few of the most dependable steps to take to keep a warm, cozy apartment home.


Cook at Home

Time for stews, chilis, baked potatoes and steaming greens! The warmth and the comforting scent of a soup is unmatched. And the stove will warm your space as you cook.

Everything about a home-cooked meal spells warmth and comfort. Enjoy one of the great delights of being at home.


Redecorate for Warmth

Pause and assess the way you’ve arranged your furnishings. Is a daybed placed over the vent? Liberate that warm air flow.

Bring sofas and chairs tighter into the room. This will allow the presence of your own body heat to work with the interior, while warm air from the vents is free to warm the naturally cooler edges of your space.

Bathrooms, hardwood, and tile floors become a lot more comfortable with a few throw rugs. The insulation factor is also significant with rugs. Pictures on the wall help insulate a room, too.


Reclaim Higher Air

A ceiling fan has a reverse setting for winter use. If you’ve got it, use it.

When the fan rotates in reverse on low speed, it sets a subtle updraft in motion. This sends the ceiling’s warm air cushion down into the room.

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Keep Your Sweatshirt On

Keep your space at 66 to 68 F for optimal energy savings.

You can even go a little lower at night, with the help of a good, old-fashioned quilt.

Adopt the Spot-Heating Habit

A safe space heater can heat up a particular area efficiently. Turn it off the heater at night, and don’t leave it unattended.

Adjust your vents to send more heat to flow wherever you need it most. You can also get a better heat stream from a radiator by using a small fan to blow the warmed air where you want it.


Work With Humidity

Heating your apartment dries the air. And the fact is, adding some moisture to the interior air will help your space retain warmth longer.

So put water on the saucers under your potted plants. Water beneath the roots keeps your plants hydrated through the winter, and the extra humidity keeps you more comfortable.

Your skin will stay softer, too, if you place a dish of water or two in your rooms

Get a Feel for Your Space

Check to see if colder air is seeping under the threshold of your door. If so, get a door sweep or seal to fill in the space.

Leave curtains or blinds open when the sun’s out, and shut them in the evening to hold warmth inside. The low angle of sunlight in wintertime means a good deal of sun comes from the south side of many city buildings.

Get Cozy This Winter

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