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Ready to move apartments? You’ll want to know about setting up utilities. Here are a few words to the wise about seamless, NYC-specific transitions from one home to the next.

Know Your Provider

Bob Dylan sang about Con Edison in Little Italy back in 1989, in the song Joey. If you’re a Dylan fan, you’ll be happy to know that ConEd still rules the roost in the New York utilities industry.

So, for an overview of what your electric and gas provider does, check out Look at the top tabs, and select “Services and Outages” to get started with an account, or transfer a current account.

Name the Account Owner

While every resident in an apartment home must be named on the lease, you will choose just one name to be on the utility account.

If your roommate is moving out and you need the name changed on your ConEd account, you’ll need to start service. ConEd asks the current account holder or the management company to stop service first. Then it transfers the account to you.

If you’re on your own, this isn’t an issue. Let’s move on—quickly!

Make Your Move

Manhattan is, as you know, full of people using electric and gas services. So, as soon as you sign your lease agreement, you’ll want to start the ball rolling. Give your current company a date and time to shut off your current account. If you are simply moving from one NYC apartment to another, ConEd will make your transition happen without a blip. ConEd might ask for a copy of your lease if the previous residents didn’t cancel their account and you need to make an official transition. Have your lease ready to scan and email to ConEd just in case you need to show you’re the new occupant.

What Not to Do

Don’t forget the call in advance and get your service set up. You don’t want to be waiting in a new apartment home without gas and electric services ready for you.

Avoid renting an apartment when the advertisement says no heat included—unless you know exactly what the wintertime bills will look like. In the winter—especially if you’re dealing with electric baseboard heating—your bills could become unmanageable: $150 to as much as $700 more than the lease price, especially if it’s a ground floor unit with no heat rising from lower floors.

Carlyle Can Help

Our exceptional building staffers are accustomed to working with local utility representatives to make moving into Carlyle Property Management properties as simple as possible. We also ensure you have efficient, well-maintained radiators that will keep you cozy for the rest of the winter!

We know you need to focus on settling into your new home without needing to be in your apartment to meet the electric company. Let our professionals help you make a glitch-free transition. Check out the varied NYC apartment floor plans now available and let us welcome you warmly to your new home.

Call us at 212.682.7300 if you’d like to learn more about currently available apartment homes.


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