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In New York City, seasonal cleaning is slightly different than in rural areas. Apartment residents might not be organizing their garage or power-washing their patios, but there are many other areas that might need some extra attention. While you’re following Andrew Cuomo’s executive order to stay inside, get a jumpstart on your Spring cleaning. Pass some time by following these easy Spring cleaning tips for your New York City apartment.

Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

This drawer is where you tend to keep your ‘extras.’ It’s the drawer where everything you don’t have a home for tends to get thrown into. Spend one of your social-distancing days putting items in their proper place, throwing away old and unnecessary items and finding a new organizational flow. Being cooped up in your NYC apartment gives you plenty of time to tackle this project.

Clean Out Your Email

Throughout the year, it is hard to keep up with your email inbox. Use a day to unsubscribe from promotional emails and delete unnecessary old threads. This will also save some time in the future when you are back in your regular routine.

Delete Unneeded Photos off Your Phone

Deleting old screenshots or repeat photos is something you might normally dread, but is a good way to use your spare time. This can also be a way to reconnect with friends by sending an old picture that ignites a memory.

Clean Window Sills

Most apartment buildings clean the outsides of windows. But the inside window sills need attention too. Use a glass cleaner to spray and wipe the inside panels. A lint catcher can be used to pick up the dust inside the window sill. Cleaning this will prevent the spring breeze from blowing that dust into your airy apartment.

Clean Your Apartment Floors

Your winter shoes see a lot on New York City sidewalks. Therefore, so do your apartment entry-way floors. Cleaning your floors can be done in a few simple steps. Sweep the dust or dirt from the floors. Then mop all spaces.

Tip: If you’re having trouble with your kitchen or bathroom tile, Spray them and let the cleaner soak overnight. Then easily scrub away the next morning.

Find Your Next Apartment

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