Tips for Storing Your Bike in a NYC Apartment

Written by on 6.11.20

For New Yorkers, cycling or riding your bike around the city is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and cut on the costs, time and frustration of taking a subway, bus, taxi or Uber to work and other places. It’s also a great alternative to having a car in a city where parking is a costly luxury. In this COVID-19 pandemic atmosphere, bikes have also become new must-have to avoid large crowds and to socially distance. 

But where and how can you store your bike when you’re not riding it? NYC apartments are generally limited in space and storage. Here are some tips for storing your bike inside your NYC apartment.

Hang it from the ceiling. Install hooks from the ceiling to hang your bike when not in use. If you have a patio or balcony, this might be the perfect place to install hooks and store your bike. You can also place hooks in a closet or a corner of a room. Here’s a set of hooks we found on Amazon that you could use.

Make it a decoration on your wall! Simply hanging the boke from the ceiling might be unattractive, especially if it’s in your living space. Instead, hang in on your wall and turn it into an art piece. Look for bike wall mounts that go with the look and feel of your living space. We found this beautiful wood and steel bike rack on Etsy. 

Use a display shelf. If you have a large shelving unit with open space on the top or bottom, you could use that space to store your bike. It also allows you to use the rest of the display shelf for more storage, art and decor. 

Store it under your bed or couch. If you’re looking for a solution where your bike is out of sight and off your walls and ceilings, store it under a couch or bed. You may slide the bike behind large pieces of furniture that have sufficient clearance. 

Look into bike storage facilities. If you are a seasonal cycler, there are safe, cost-effective bike storage spaces located across NYC for those who are looking to declutter their apartment once the riding reason is up. If you plan on not using your bike during the colder winter months, put it in storage. urBin NYC and STORE are some of the many NYC facilities offering bike storage options. 


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