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When you live in New York City, you have a plethora of activities to choose from, but on romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day, you may want to do something that is different from what you would normally do. Manhattanites and other residents of NYC can simply walk to fun and unique places; in the suburbs, this isn’t always possible. Here are a few ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day in New York City this year:

Share the Love in Times Square

Stroll through Duffy Square on Valentine’s Day to get in the mood for love. Watch for the surprise marriage proposals and plenty of couples betrothing their love for one another as they make – or renew – their wedding vows. And, don’t miss the Heart of Hearts kaleidoscope kissing booths. They’re an interesting way to steal that first kiss or inspire your loved one to reminisce about the days when you first fell in love!

Dine Beneath the Stars

Although it’s too cold for stargazing in NYC during the month of February, this doesn’t have to prevent you and your significant other from watching starry nights in awe. You can do this by attending the American Museum of Natural History’s Rose Center for Earth and Space. On Valentine’s Day, this swanky venue offers a jazz quartet that plays sultry music while you and your love indulge in an open bar, sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and sweet chocolate treats. You can do all this while gazing at the stunning display of heavenly stars and asteroids on the ceiling. Later in the evening, you can cuddle together in the Hayden Planetarium while a storyteller regales you with tales about the wondrous cosmos.

In Your Neighborhood

If you live in one of The Wellesley luxury apartments, you can always take your special one for a stroll to Central Park, since it is just a few blocks away from this romantic getaway in the midst of the city. Or, if you reside in the Ambassador East apartment homes, you can walk to a nearby spa, gourmet restaurant or your partner’s favorite shop to spend a romantic evening indulging in your every whim.

No matter what your plans are for this enchanted evening, living in a luxurious apartment close to amorous adventures will likely kindle the romance in your relationship whether it is brand new or you have shared a few years together. This evening is the perfect chance to reignite any sparks that may be hidden by the daily routine of your lives together.

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