What You Can Do This Summer in NYC

Written by on 30.04.24

Summer is the most anticipated season for most people in the US since it allows them to spend time outdoors. Even if skyscrapers are not your thing, there are still many NYC activities you can explore and enjoy. Find out which adventures you can try out in summer 2021 and learn how to practice vaccination safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit NYC Famous Cultural Centers 

New York City has many art and cultural amenities, but none of them quite match the number and variety of museums. If you love history, art, or science, there are many NYC activities that you can do in summer 2021. For example, tour the American Museum of Natural History to see over 32 million artifacts and scientific collections. You can also get an advance ticket to view a wide range of present-day art at the Modern Museum.

Other institutions you can stop by are; the Queens Museum, the Mark West Center for the Arts, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Take a Relaxing Stroll at Bryant Park

Walking at Bryant Park is an ideal way to spend a summer afternoon in NYC. This park is at the heart of Manhattan, amongst the midtown skyscrapers, and has many activities for you to enjoy. You can catch a free movie screening, take a ride on the Le Carrousel or play chess. Besides, enjoy casual outdoor drinking at the Bryant Park Café or a delicious meal at the Bryant Park Grill. If you need some peace and silence, you can choose a less crowded spot and lay down on the lawn to relax.

Attend Events and Movie Screenings

Most places of entertainment closed their doors in 2020 to reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19. But with the increasing number of vaccinated people, restrictions may reduce and increase the chances of reopening these facilities. Plan to enjoy watching movies this summer at theatres that are already open, such as Angelika Film Center, AMC Lincoln Square, and AMC Empire 25. You can also attend some world-famous events like Shakespeare in the Park, SummerStage, and Bronx Week.

Enjoy Tasty Food at NYC New and Reopened Restaurants

The NYC food scene is evolving very fast, with many new hotels launching and introducing unique dishes. Some of the new restaurants you can explore this summer are The Sentry, Jordan Pie Café, and Epices Bakery. Other than that, enjoy delicious food and drinks in popular locations such as The Pierre, Baccarat Hotel, The Mark and Lotte New York Place. Most of these locations offer socially distanced dining to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but you can still order takeout meals.

Get Your COVID-19 Shot and Practice Vaccination Safety

While most places you may visit for NYC activities in summer 2021 will observe Covid-19 preventive measures, it is still crucial to stay safe through vaccination. Some of the locations you can get your vaccine in the city are hospitals, pharmacies, and mass vaccination centers. When getting your shot, you should practice vaccination safety measures to ease the process and prevent complications. For instance, consult a specialist on the most suitable drug for you and create a post-care plan.

Also, avoid exercising after getting the shot and call your doctor if you experience severe side effects. Practicing these vaccination safety measures will help you stay safe and healthy after the procedure. You should also continue following all CDC guidelines related to COVID-19 prevention to enhance your safety.

Start Planning Your Summer Today

There are many exciting NYC activities that everyone can try in summer 2021. To have the most adventurous season, write a list of the things you would like to do and prioritize them according to your budget. If you prefer to spend time with family and friends, confirm everyone’s calendar and plan for some fun days. Most importantly, ensure that you stay safe and healthy throughout the season.