Written by on 11.01.23

The idea of ​​moving in the winter may not be very appealing. No one wants to struggle in the thick gray snow in sub-zero temperatures, which often happens when apartment hunting during the New York winter. The upside of winter rental is the ability to find an apartment for a lower price. You can find a lease in a building that is rarely open, or you can get a good deal moving out in the worst weather.


NYC rents rates drop during the winter

Few people move in the winter. The weather makes people stay indoors more often, and most people don’t want to deal with ice and snow when transporting heavy items. This means that apartments that are vacant during the winter will take longer to fill. Longer vacancy rates mean that landlords often negotiate the cost to fill an empty unit; After all, it’s better for them to collect the reduced rent for 12 months instead of just collecting the full rent for six months. Another factor is the school year. College students often move in the summer to avoid class conflicts, and families often follow the same pattern of mobility during the school holidays. This leaves you with less competition when it comes to finding the right unit.


What about finding more rental properties in New York?

You will find that it is true that most people move in in the spring and summer, so you may not have many options in the winter. Fewer people moving means fewer units in the market. You may need to start your search a little earlier to find the right apartment if you have to move in the winter, but keep in mind that fewer options don’t mean no options, especially in a small town. cities like New York, where there are many areas. of real estate inventory. To get the best deal, look for apartments in areas where new construction is likely to increase local vacancy rates. A little research on the neighborhood with the right broker can help you find great apartments on the market.


Don’t forget the seasonal rental trend when renting apartments in New York

You can get the absolute best deal by renting in the winter, but you can almost take advantage of moving in the fall, too. By knowing vacation rental trends, you can negotiate with potential landlords to reduce rent; Moving in the fall can allow you to avoid the worst weather conditions while taking advantage of some of the lower winter rents. Moving into a winter apartment in New York can be a challenge, but with the potential to save, the winter adventure is often well worth it.