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You’re looking for a new apartment in Philadelphia. The words “loft style apartment” strike your attention when looking through public listings in your favorite area. But what does that mean, and is a loft style apartment the right choice for you? Here are 4 reasons to choose a loft for your next apartment rental.

Old-School Charm

Loft apartments are usually old commercial buildings that are upgraded to unique living spaces. Because of this, they tend to have unique walls and high-ceilings. There is a certain warmth that comes from an exposed brick wall that makes loft apartments so desirable. This is especially true in the historic streets of Philadelphia. So, if you’re looking for a space that is uniquely yours, a loft apartment is probably the right way to go.

Wide Open Spaces

Because of their high ceilings, loft apartments offer enough wall space for the most ambitious decorators. Switching up living areas, hanging up large pieces of artwork, and adding in room dividers can help personalize the flow of your apartment to your lifestyle. Think of your loft-style apartments as your blank canvas and really make it your own. Get creative with living areas by including tall book cases and shelving to add extra storage areas to your loft apartment.

Apartments with Natural Light

Tall windows offer one unique benefit that any other apartment just doesn’t–extra natural light. Vitamin D is a necessity, especially with winter right around the corner. Plus, colorful curtains can really change the atmosphere of an entire apartment. So even if you don’t have a ton of extra time to spend outside, open your windows and enjoy the fresh air right from your living room.

Match Just About Any Style

Finding your own style is the most important factor in decorating an apartment. If you’re new to renting, finding a look that you love comes with time. Luckily, with a loft style apartment it is easy to decorate with your own flare. Loft apartments can be contemporary, bohemian, and classic.

Tip: Use bright solid colors for a more contemporary look. Mix patterned textiles for a more bohemian look to fit your style.

Loft Apartment’s in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for your next rental, Carlyle Property Management has loft apartments and newly renovated apartments available for you. Contact us today to see our availability, and find an apartments that fits your style!

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