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In 2015, interior design and paint companies are rolling out their choices of trendy colors that will be the hottest looks this year. So grab a paint brush for those walls (after getting the landlord’s permission), and brighten up the look of your apartment. Can’t paint the walls? Don’t worry. Select rugs, furniture, paintings and other accent pieces with these popular colors.

Rich, Deep Marsala

If you are a wine drinker, then you have enjoyed the color and bouquet of Marsala wine from Sicily. Yet the Pantone Color Institute, a corporation that helps companies decide on the best commercial colors for their products from clothing to makeup, has decided that the rich burgundy color of Marsala will be the trendiest color this year. You’ll see it everywhere in apartment decor: fluffy couch pillows, billowy drapes, or a nice thick area rug under the black coffee table.

Serene Guilford Green

Greens have been trendy for the past few years, as the natural colors have ranged from the vibrant emerald greens to the whimsical olive tones. This year, Guilford Green is the color of the year for the Benjamin Moore company. This color is very neutral yet attractive, appealing to people looking for a lighter color that isn’t a bright pastel. Think of this color as light green leaves you would see on a cloudy day when walking along a forest trail.

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Dive Into Coral Reef

You want that pop of color that captures a person’s eyes instantly when they walk into your Philly apartment? Coral Reef is what you should choose as it is a mixture of red, pinks and oranges (think salmon but more of a pink hue). This color is upbeat as it works perfectly as an accent wall or when you want splashes of color in your furnishings. Sherwin Williams’ predicts this color will be trendy throughout 2015 for those people who love bold pastels.

Catch A Wave With Coastal Surf

If you want to know what trendy color you need to incorporate into your apartment, then ask an interior designer. Kelly-Moore did just that by conducting a survey with 15,000 interior designers who are members of the American Society of Interior Designers to find out what colors they would pick for 2015. Their choice was Coastal Surf, which is a deep classic blue color that borders on a navy blue and denim blue. The color invites a calm atmosphere to the room that still captures a dramatic flair when paired with other colors.

Don’t Leave Out The Grays

We know you might have become biased over the word “gray” with those Fifty Shades books. Yet it is a beautiful color when paired with the others ones mentioned above. When you are sick of using white as a complementary or contrasting neutral color, then gray is your go-to avenue. From dark charcoal to soft silvery gray, you can really play around with this one to have the perfect hue in your apartment.

It is absolutely incredible how a color can change a person’s mood the moment you walk through the apartment door. Vibrant reds can create a passion and excitement to the spirit, while rich earthy tones lend a warmth and cozy feeling that entices you to just lounge back on the sofa and relax. The colors you select should showcase your personality, yet also fit perfectly into the space to create the right ambiance you desire.

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