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Coming to Philadelphia? You’ll be in good company. It’s a friendly city with a fantastic location, near everything mid-Atlantic. It’s just a train ride away from New York City, and a hub for travel to and from Europe and everywhere in the world. Amtrak service and mega buses connect with many major cities.

And there’s everything great about Philadelphia itself. It’s got the east coast city vibe — without the uber pricey rents. It’s got historical treasures, hip city nightlife, and woody hiking places galore. Like any great city, it’s got its slang, its quirks, and a special combination of experiences leading to a collective conversation.

Philly Talk

Philadelphia Guide

Philadelphia has a short, sweet nickname: Philly. You’ll hear the old-timers say wooder, not water, and crick, not creek. No one knows why.

Philly folks say jawn instead of thing or whatchamacallit. And really, why just have an affair when you could have a side-jawn?

People say yous for the plural of you. But you’ll also meet Pennsylvanians who say yins — which grows on you from the first time you hear it. Both of these gems spring from Irish immigrants’ dialect.

In summertime, everyone goes down the shore — which means the New Jersey coast — as much as disposable income permits.

And I bleed green! means I’m a fan of the Birds — that is, the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

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Philly Food

Philly Cheesesteak

Certain edibles are part of the city’s character. The Philadelphia cheesesteak is a city mainstay. Soft pretzels with mustard are a familiar sight in Philadelphia too.

Soft-serv (whipped) ice cream is yuge here. So is wooder ice.

Farmers’ markets abound, and typically have homemade sauerkraut and pillow-soft white and rye breads made by the Amish farmers of Lancaster, west of the city.

Plus, they have corn on the cob (best with olive oil and Trader Joe’s barbeque rub, believe us) and plump, red Jersey tomatoes — and some of the best dill pickles you’ll find anywhere.

For a salad and sandwich city, it wouldn’t do to have bad beer. Don’t worry. Local brews from the Yards and Victory companies stand up to the world’s best tipples!

Philly Weather

Philadelphia has hot, humid summers, and cold, windy winters with some mean ice. It has been known to drop below 13°F. Thank goodness that’s rare.

January is the harshest month, with its average high at 40°F and its average low at 26°F.

But Philadelphians are rewarded with absolutely gorgeous springs and autumns. Over the course of the year, the temperature averages a decent 56°F.

Summers are glorious, and when it’s hot, you’re only a half-hour from the Atlantic coast.

Philly Attractions, and Getting There

Philadelphia Public Transportation

Old City’s quaint alleys and streets give Philadelphians a sense of history. See all that Philly’s best known for: the Liberty Bell, and the home where Betsy Ross made the flag. Check out the bustling, indoor food court at Reading Terminal Market.

The locals call the downtown area Center City. It’s a cityscape built around an open-space park dating to William Penn.  Walk to the shops, the restaurants and brewpubs, and a continually renewed selection of world-class dance and theatre.

Why walk? Because parking in Philly is no mean feat. And the ticket writers are on the ball.

But you don’t have to drive if you live in the city. You’ll be able to get your monthly SEPTA (that’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority) pass for under $100.

If you do bring your car, may we suggest making resident parking a priority when you shop for your new apartment home?

Philly Apartment Life

And speaking of your new apartment, have you seen our rowhomes at 124 Market Street in Old City? You’ll love the modern kitchens and the cozy nooks. Perfect for your cat or small dog.

If you’re looking in Center City West, check out 2131 Walnut Street — our townhomes done in Philly’s classic exposed brick and hardwood style. Just a quick walk to Philly Improv and Philly Power Yoga.

Still more pet-friendly spaces await you in the super popular Northern Liberties neighborhood, which Philly folk call NoLibs. Enjoy new construction, resident parking, granite counters and hardwood floors. We offer suburban living in Ardmore, too. Come see why Frank Lloyd Wright loved this Philadelphia suburb.

Explore Philadelphia’s most attractive neighborhoods. Call 215.545.1039 to learn how Carlyle Property Management can make you a Philadelphian in no time.

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