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A neighborhood that is older than the whole United States of America is located in a region of Philadelphia along the Delaware River that is located between Florist Street to the north and Walnut Street to the south. The Quakers and William Penn’s first European settlers made Old City one of Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhoods in the early 17th century. Even in current times, Old City maintains its ancient allure with its cobblestone streets and blue brick pavement while embracing a contemporary style with its vibrant nightlife and cultural scene.


When you leave your new flat, you’ll enter a Philadelphia neighborhood unlike any other. One of the top 50 restaurants in the city, Fork, serves delectable duck. Lift your head and smell it. Take a stroll through the streets, following in the footsteps of some of history’s most well-known figures. You will never want to move again, yet there is much to discover here in Old City. These are the top 3 things to know about the Old City.


The historical center is where you are

This claim is accurate and not overstated. You may practically walk to and see 7 historical attractions that are situated in this area. The landmark home of Betsy Ross, the well-known seamstress credited with creating the first American flag, is located in Old City. The Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, and Congress Hall—where George Washington was sworn in as the nation’s first president and where the Declaration of Independence was ratified on July 4, 1776 — all are located here. Even if you are not an expert on history, you can see the crucial part Old City played in creating our wonderful country.


Here, Fridays Are When The Arts Scene Comes to Life.

Friday nights aren’t spent inside with the lights out, secluded from society. First Fridays, a unique event held in Old City, are well known. For the duration of the full year, the first Friday of each month is transformed into a local art show for restaurants, stores, and galleries. These shops stay open late throughout the entire night and allow guests to fully participate in the arts and cultural area that Philadelphia is known for. People will eat all evening, tour the 55 art galleries and furniture stores, enjoy live entertainment, see plays, and shop for the hottest fashion trends.


Almost Everything’s Best Awards

No, there isn’t a prize specifically designated for this, however Old City would definitely take home the prize. Old City continues to draw recognition as a destination for the best dining, shopping, and cultural events both in Philadelphia and around the country. Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly” honors have been given to the area 15 times. With some of Philadelphia’s greatest establishments, including the best restaurant (Fork) and the best boutique (Vagabond), Old City will continue to wow both tourists and locals.