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Looking for a new apartment is an exciting process. When you find your dream apartment in Philadelphia the hardest part is over. But sometimes making a lease feel like your own can feel like it is the most difficult task. How can you make your Philly apartment feel like your home?


Don’t let your cardboard boxes become your long-term closet. After the moving trucks drive away, unpacking is the next step in making your apartment your home. Filling it with items you see everyday makes it easier for you to get comfortable in. If you’re overwhelmed with where to begin go one room at a time. Break down the moving boxes and recycle them as you go to reduce the clutter so you can focus on organizing your belongings.

Cook a Meal

There’s really nothing like a home-cooked meal. The quicker you get cooking in your new kitchen, the more it will feel like your own. Preparing your go-to dinner in your favorite pan is the perfect way to break in your stove. The familiar smells will help make you feel at home.

Pick out furnishings

decorate your apartment

Before your move into your new apartment, you likely picked out new furniture. The truth is, it’s hard to fully plan how to set up an apartment until you move in. When you go shopping for furniture, be sure to choose quality over quantity. A big, cozy couch that you can enjoy a movie night on is more useful than a decorative chair. Search for the items that give you comfort.

Get creative with decorations

Empty walls can make it hard to warm up to even the most beautiful apartments. Decorations are the perfect way to customize your apartment and make it your own. Find decorations to brighten up your living areas. You can even get crafty with a DIY project while spending time at home.

Plan for your housewarming

Inviting friends and family over to create new memories can open your heart to your new apartment. Plan ahead for your eventual get-together so you have something to look forward to when social-distancing restrictions end. You can do this by sending out virtual cards. This will inform your loved ones that you’ve moved while encouraging them to visit when they are safely able.

Find Your Dream Apartment

The best way to feel at home in an apartment is to find one that you love. Carlyle Property Management can help you find your dream apartment that checks all your boxes. Contact our Philadelphia leasing office today to find out about our apartment availabilities.

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