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Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the nation. Those who are planning a move to the city have a number of housing options available to them. One of the first steps towards making the right housing decision is choosing a community that fits your tastes. Philly has several trendy communities with great housing options that put you near all that makes the city attractive.

Old City – America’s Most Historic Square Mile

Old City perfectly captures the history and ambiance of Philadelphia, with its beautiful historic buildings that were once home to some of history’s most historic figures. The neighborhood is filled with art galleries, unique dining establishments, boutique shopping options and several apartments and flats for those who want to live in the midst of history.

Within America’s most historic square mile, Independence National Historic Park draws over 3 million visitors every year. In addition to the historic draw, Old City has museums, theaters and art galleries to appeal to the artistic and cultural side. For the 8,000 or so people who live in the historic town houses and apartments in Old City, this rich history that draws visitors is part of daily life.

Ardmore – Embracing Suburban Life

For the 12,000 people who live in Ardmore, the community, which is technically a suburb on Philadelphia’s western side, feels like an extension of Philly. Once home to famous names like Kobe Bryant, Kate Flannery and Richie Ashburn, Ardmore has developed into a trendy community where people want to live, work and play. This neighborhood has developed a “double character,” at once both urban and residential.

Residents of Ardmore enjoy a rich dining and shopping scene as well as a thriving nightlife. In fact, the shopping and dining in this suburb is considered some of the best in the region. The majority of the shops and restaurants are centrally located in Ardmore’s Main Street district.

Northern Liberties – An “Up and Coming” That Has Arrived

Northern Liberties was once a manufacturing district, but in the early 90s, the artists in the Philadelphia were drawn to the neighborhood with its cheap studio spaces, and a transformation began. For several decades, Northern Liberties was labeled as an “up and coming” neighborhood, but recently it has shown signs that it has arrived, with an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, artists and families who enjoy the trendy scene making up its residents.

Northern Liberties, or NoLibs as locals call it, is considered the best neighborhood for foodies in Philly. It’s also a highly walkable neighborhood, with many of its amenities located close to one another. Shopping in NoLibs is a chance to explore trending, not-quite-mainstream retail options as well as the work of local artists.

Rittenhouse Square – Picturesque and Nostalgic

Finally, Rittenhouse Square rounds out the trendy options in Philadelphia. This community was one of the five original squares planned by William Penn in the late 1600s. The sidewalk-lined streets lined with mature trees give this area a decidedly suburban feel, all while remaining within the boundaries of the city. High-rise residences and luxury apartment complexes provide the main residential opportunities, and a number of restaurants and retail establishments provide for the needs of residents.

At the heart of it all is the community’s park. Here, residents can often be found relaxing, reading and even painting while enjoying the reflecting pool and classic artwork of the park. Outdoor art exhibits and flower markets help the Square come to life throughout the year.

Whether you choose the history of Old City, the artistry of NoLib or the suburban appeal of Ardmore and Rittenhouse, you will find much to love about each of these communities as you make Philly your new home.

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