New Apartment? Here are the Best Interior Design and Furniture Shops in Philly

Written by on 15.03.21

Did you just move into a new apartment that needs furnishing? Or are you looking to spruce a familiar space up with some accent pieces? When furnishing an apartment, shopping from various stores can help you discover huge discounts and competitive prices to cut your budget.

Most people do not take their time to shop in physical stores. While shopping online comes with convenience, the real interior design gems are discovered in brick and mortar. Some shops will even take your order and build customized items from scratch. You also get to explore exhibitions from in-house and other legendary designers in America. You will hardly find interior design exhibitions in online stores. However, you will only have the best shopping experience if you know the best shops around. So what options do you have in Philly? 

1.    Isabella Sparrow

Do you want to have a farmhouse design in your apartment balconies? Isabella Sparrow is a leading interior design store for all your antiques. Isabella Sparrow store is in Chestnut Hill. This store is home to Hillary O’Carroll, a renowned stylist in Pennsylvania. You are sure to get some vintage designer items to spruce up your new living space. 

2.    Philadelphia Salvage Company

Philadelphia Salvage Company can make you all sorts of custom furniture that you can think about. This store runs a warehouse full of salvaged items that go at affordable rates. You can also trade-in your old designs for custom models.

3.    American Street Showroom

If you are looking for custom steel and wooden products for your apartment, making a stop at the American Street Showroom is a must. This shop is home to Amuneal, a Philly-based manufacturing company with a reputation for high-quality household goods. You will also get the chance to exhibit designer works from Robert True Ogden and Groundwork Home.

4.    Material Culture

Lastly, you can make a stop at Material Culture shop in East Fall for the best designer rugs and carpets from all over the world. You can also take your older household goods to their auction center for appraisal or sale. It makes a perfect store if you are renovating your place because nothing goes to waste. 

Get the Most Out of Your Space

Utilizing your apartment as much as possible creates a more comfortable living space. If you are working remotely, it can also enhance productivity. After furnishing your apartment, consider:

1.    Mirrors

Large mirrors can completely change the mood of a space. Whether you are looking to make some tight hallways feel more spacious, or redirect some natural light to a different part of a room, mirrors are the best way of altering an otherwise permanent layout.

2.  Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves can help you save or create more space compared to cabinets. Consider having these shelves in the kitchen or laundry area. If your apartment has a bar space, you can decorate the shelves with LED lighting when having house parties.  

3.    Living Plants

You might also want to have a few potted plants around your apartment for aesthetic appeal. Plants will give you a cool ambiance and refreshed air to rest in hot afternoons. Moreover, flowers smell nice and add a pop of color!

Spruce Up Your Apartment’s Look

Whether you find yourself in a new apartment or your current one, finding furniture and accent pieces can be a fun and rewarding process. Pair it with a few other room accessories, and you’ll be getting the most out of your living space. These interior design and furniture shops in Philly are sure to inspire and have something for everyone; who knows what you might find! 


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