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Rittenhouse Square Apartments in Philadelphia is a highly desirable location to call home for a myriad of reasons. From its vibrant arts, music, theater, history, and culture scene to its diverse dining options, Rittenhouse Square offers a rich city lifestyle with great value in terms of amenities for apartment rentals.


Relax in Outdoor Spaces

One of the unique features of Rittenhouse Square Apartments is its proximity to the beautiful Rittenhouse Square Park, where you can find bald eagles in the trees, open grassy areas to relax or build snowmen, and wooden benches to catch up with friends. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the changing colors of fall or simply unwind in a serene outdoor setting.


Diverse Dining Experiences

Rittenhouse Square boasts a bustling farmer’s market with over 25 vendors every Saturday, offering a wide range of fresh produce and gourmet treats. The dining options in the area are plentiful, with casual to fine dining choices. From falafel burgers to rabbit pie, Maine lobster to beef tartare, there’s something for everyone. Italian restaurants and pizzerias are also prominent in the neighborhood, and many eateries offer outdoor seating for al fresco dining.


Nightlife with a View

For those who enjoy nightlife, Rittenhouse Square Apartments are conveniently located near a variety of nightclubs where you can dance and mingle. Whether you prefer a cozy spot with a king-size bed or a lively bar with pool and darts, the options are abundant. The bars offer a wide range of drinks, from local microbrews to crafted cocktails, making it easy to enjoy a night out without needing transportation.


Rich History and Beautiful Streets

Rittenhouse Square has a proud history, being one of the five parks originally planned by William Penn for central Philadelphia. The neighborhood was considered one of the most fashionable places to live in the city by 1850, and it remains a sought-after area today. Walking the streets, such as Walnut and Rittenhouse Square Street, allows you to admire the stunning Victorian and Civil War-era mansions that showcase the area’s rich heritage and diverse community.


Your Gateway to Philadelphia Living

Rittenhouse Square Apartments offer a prime location to explore and experience all that Philadelphia has to offer. From its vibrant cultural scene to its diverse dining options and rich history, Rittenhouse Square Apartments provide a convenient and comfortable starting point for your city lifestyle. Welcome to your new home in Philadelphia. Contact us to speak with an agent and discover the best of Rittenhouse Square Apartments.

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