Written by on 11.01.23

Unquestionably Philadelphia’s hottest neighborhood, Rittenhouse Square sits on some of the hottest properties in the entire city. This is one of the original squares planned by the city’s founder, William Penn, in the late 17th century, and the area is full of magnificent luxury apartments, skyscrapers, cafes, and shops in the European spirit. All these amenities are nestled around a beautiful green park, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy a little respite from the bustling cityscape that surrounds it. Anyone looking for apartments or houses in Philadelphia should consider Rittenhouse Square.


A great view and lots to do

The layout of the Rittenhouse makes it very appealing, as there are pathways through the park so that residents of any apartment in the neighborhood can stroll leisurely on their way to work. You’ll see lots of locals lounging on park benches and relaxing with friends, as it’s one of the most peaceful places in town. Throughout the year, the park hosts flower markets and art exhibitions – for the best experience, try to catch them early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

Daytime in Rittenhouse Square is a great time to catch up with friends and bask in the bright sunshine no matter what time of year, but it also lights up at night. Rittenhouse has a vibrant nightlife, with high-quality restaurants and bars all around the streets. There are many great restaurants to choose from that stretch along the east side of the park, and your taste buds will be tempted by the smells of steakhouses, French cafes, and new American cuisine. After dinner, treat yourself to the chance to relax with a craft cocktail at one of the neighborhood’s many bars and lounges that have become super trendy in recent years.

Rich in history and culture

In addition to food, shopping and nightlife, many people simply enjoy the wonderful history of Rittenhouse Square. Many of the buildings date back to the late 1700s, and Rittenhouse has undoubtedly been Philadelphia’s most high-fashion neighborhood since the mid-1800s. You’ll find signs of old Victorian aristocracy throughout the area. , including a number of palatial mansions and large houses bordering the beautiful square. No wonder the Rittenhouse is one of the hottest places in Philadelphia!