How to Keep Pollen out of Your Philadelphia Apartment

Written by on 31.05.20

Achoo! The flowers are in full bloom, which means so are your allergies. Your apartment should be a place to retreat to when your itchy throat and dry eyes get the best of you. How do you limit the allergens that are inside of your Philadelphia apartment?

Clean, clean, clean!

Keeping a clean home can help limit allergens in the air. Vacuum regularly to pick up dust mites and pollen that might have been tracked into your apartment from outside. Dust frequently, making sure to use a wet duster to trap particles instead of spreading them into the air.

Wash your bedding

Take advantage of your apartment’s washer and dryer and clean your sheets regularly. Any dust particles or pet dander can get trapped in your bed, causing your allergies to flare up overnight. Even better yet–wash your hair prior to sleeping. This will keep the pollen from your afternoon walk from spreading onto your pillows.

Take off your shoes

shoe rack and door mat

Yes, it’s that simple. When you’re outside walking through grass and dirt, your shoes are picking up pollen and other allergens. Taking off your shoes and jacket when entering your apartment can prevent you from tracking pollen into your apartment. Set up a welcome mat that you can wipe your feet on and put your shoes, along with and coat rack at the entrance of your apartment for these items.

Take advantage of your apartment’s air conditioning

If you have an apartment with AC, use it. Opening your windows during allergy season welcomes allergens right into your apartment. It also can create imbalances in your apartment’s air. Too much humidity can lead to dampness, causing mold and mildew. Not enough can lead to dry air that makes it more difficult to breathe.

Don’t let allergies get you down

spring in philly
Now more than ever before, we rely on the outdoors to keep us safe and sane during Coronavirus. Spring in Philadelphia might mean seasonal allergies, but it also means the chance to get out and see all that the city has to offer. Enjoy the benefits of living in Philly year-round. Then come home to your apartment in Philadelphia to escape the allergies after a long day of social-distancing. If you’re looking for a new apartment, contact Carlyle Property Management today.

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