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New York City is an expensive place to live, especially for newcomers. Hoping to find a housemate to team up with? You can always trawl through the updates on Craigslist and Reddit. To get the general idea of where the spots are and how much you’ll pay, PadMapper is a good place to contextualize your search.

But if finding a great match is really your goal, take a look at some interesting services online that curate the experience of finding a roommate in the Big Apple.

Social Media

Start with your already-developed network. Look to your school’s alumni network. Some colleges have discussion lists for their graduates in New York City. Many have Facebook groups for NYC alumni.

While on Facebook, check out Gypsy Housing NYC for room shares. The list welcomes people who are invited by a friend, or who request to join it. If you’re a member of the performing arts community, go straight to this Facebook group to find your tribe.

Need an extra boost? Roomster links your social media accounts to network with other vetted users. Read potential housemates’ bios and use the Social Connect feature to contact them. Payment is per message.

Newsletter for Creative House Sharers

New York City’s creative community loves Stephanie Diamond’s Listings Project, and including a carefully managed weekly email newsletter.

Seeking a roommate to move into an apartment you’ve found? Advertise in the Listings Project for $30 a week.

Meetup and Find a Housemate

You’ve heard of speed dating. Now, there’s Speed Roommating. It’s a meetup with events in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Why not skip the time-consuming one-on-one approach, and enjoy a social event where dozens of hopeful housemates meet and greet each other?

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There’s an App for That

A few of the most popular apps are:

  • Roomi (“Find roommates who get you”) is a free app that lets you keep your contact details private while you check out vetted potential housemates and chat about your preferences. Users can pay to raise a listing to the top of search results.
  • Diggz lets you explore a pool of potential roommates after you sign in with Facebook or an email address. Load a profile with your lease and budget specifications and lifestyle traits. Then, check out your top 10 potential roommate matches.
  • RoomieMatch sorts out the spam, scams, and sleaze. Then it matches up people, bio to bio. You pay a subscription fee if you decide to contact matches.
  • RoomZoom is a woman-founded roommate-finding app popular with students and recent grads. Based on the bio and preferences you submit, it sends you a list of best matches.

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