Best New Restaurants in Philly

Written by on 10.09.21

As the number of vaccinated people rises, it is time to get back to those Philly outdoor activities you love. One fun thing to do when in this glorious city is try out various cuisines. And there is a lot to try! Here are some new Philly restaurants to discover along with their signature dishes and drinks so you can find your next favorite bite:


1. La Chinesca

La Chinesca is the first Philly restaurant offering a Mexicali dining experience. Located next to Union Transfer on the corner of Spring Garden, this eatery offers a broad range of Chinese American recipes along with Northern Mexico’s Baja region cuisines. The best dishes to explore here are their queso birria taco, baby corn, beer-battered fish taco, and shrimp egg rolls.

You can also enjoy their tasty Choco flan dessert made from chocolate, custard, and salted dulce de leche. If you are a happy hour lover, stop by the restaurant on Thursdays to Sundays from 4-6.30 pm where you can enjoy refreshing local craft beers, agua frescas, wine, and cocktails from their curated beverage menu.

2. The Landing Kitchen

If you love nature, you will definitely enjoy fine riverside dining at The Landing Kitchen. Some of the dishes you can try at this new Philly restaurant are grilled cheeses, fried chicken sandwiches, and burgers.

You can also explore their extensive salad and veggies menu, including greens and beet salad, romaine and Brussels Caesar, and assorted house-made pickles. Since this restaurant only takes walk-in customers, you can check out their menu without worrying about reserving a table.

3. Huff and Puff BBQ

One of the new Philly restaurants offering tantalizing barbeque recipes is Huff and Puff BBQ. Its famous pit starters category includes brisket fries, smoked yardbird wings, and huff & puff trash can fries.  Explore the house-smoked watermelon salad tossed with blue cheese walnuts and mixed greens if you’re in the mood for something refreshing.

You can also order their tasty smoked chicken Caesar salad option topped with pulled yard bird. When planning to try Huff and Puff BBQ, you can either visit the restaurant or pre-order online.

4. Sor Ynez

For traditional Mexican cuisines with a focus on sustainability, visit Sor Ynez. This restaurant makes fresh, flavorful, and vibrant dishes such as torta, burritos, tacos, and salt-roasted cauliflower. If you are looking for a vegan option, explore their churro made with oatmeal and champurrado.

Before booking a reservation for indoor dining in this restaurant, ensure you have proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Still, their outdoor dining is open to everyone; therefore, you can stop by for refreshing drinks and bites around Philly.

5. North Down Pizza

North Down Pizza is a Detroit-style pizzeria providing tasty recipes and excellent customer service. Here, you will find a menu that includes crabs, never-frozen wings, and vodka sauce pies. Apart from offering tasty recipes, this mission-led restaurant employs only formerly incarcerated people to help them reintegrate into the community.

6. Sakana Omakase

After closing down for some time due to renovations, Sakana Omakase Sushi is now open where you can try their extensive selection of sushi and sashimi. This restaurant offers pleasurable dining experiences and adopts a bring your own bottle (BYOB) culture.

If you are looking for bites around Philly, consider checking out the place for freshly prepared sushi and sashimi. Select from their two dining options which include a 90-minute 21-course extravaganza or 60 minutes 12-course one.

Enjoy Tasty Bites Around Philly

Whether you are a Philly resident or visitor, you will enjoy your stay in the city by trying out these new restaurants. Don’t forget to book your reservations early whenever necessary for the best dining experience and ensure you observe all COVID-19 directives when outside for enhanced safety!

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